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All Over Again

Subject: Swear It Again - Westlife
Description: First single off their self titled album.
Adopted from Kat.
Opened: April 3, 2006

Don't Walk Away

Subject: Maybe Tomorrow - Westlife
Description: Song off the UK edition of their "Face To Face" album.
Opened: December 10, 2005

Forever Has now Begun

Subject: This I Promise You - *NSYNC
Description: Third single from their album, No Strings Attached.
Opened: March 4, 2003

I Believe

Subject: Affirmation - Savage Garden
Description: First track off their sophmore album of the same name.
Adopted listing from Susanna.
Opened: June 12, 2005 (adopted)

I Will

Subject: I Will - David Foster & Chris Kirkpatrick
Description: Only new single from David Foster's Best Of Me album.
Opened: January 20, 2003

Signal Loss

Subject: I want You - Savage Garden
Description: First single from their self titled debut album.
Opened: March 12, 2003

Something's Burning Strong Between Us

Subject: I Wan na Grow Old With You - Westlife
Description: Ballad off their third album World Of Our Own.
Opened: April 23, 2006

Surface Transportation System

Subject: I Drive Myself Crazy - *NSYNC
Description: Last single from their debut US album.
Opened: July 14, 2003

Would You Be My Girl?

Subject: Girlfriend (Remix) - *NSYNC feat. Nelly
Description: The Neptunes remix of the song "Girlfriend" that features rapper Nelly.
Adopted from Amber.
Opened: February 13, 2005

Your Eyes Are To Blame

Subject: Falling - *NSYNC
Description: Song from the Celebrity album and the On The Line soundtrack.
Adopted from Debbie.
Opened: March 13, 2003