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Subject: Nicky Byrne
Description: Member of Irish group Westlife.
Opened: December 26, 2009

Critter Love.

Subject: Chris Kirkpatrick
Description: Founding member of pop-group *NSYNC and now defunct clothing line FuManSkeeto, ex-member of the defunct groups Little Red Monsters and Sureshot, and current member of groups Nigels 11, producer/songwriter, and voice actor/actor.
Cross-listed in Actors and also approved in male musicians for Producer/Songwriter.
Hosted by:
Opened: March 18, 2002

Something Special

Subject: Westlife
Description: Irish singing group.
Opened: February 27, 2011

Sweet D

Subject: Howie Dorough
Description: Member of the Backstreet Boys. Also cross-listed in Actors.
Opened: July 5, 2003