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Two previous versions of this site were hosted on

Purchased: May 31, 2005
Opened: June 4, 2005
Graphics: Paint Shop Pro 7
HTML: Notepad
Scripts used: Listing Admin. Previously used BellaBuffs, Flinx, Flinx Collective, and PHPFanbase.
Owner: Robin
Contact: robin @

Name: The name actually came from my "productions" on the net - Blindly Falling Productions. That name came from two of my favorite songs. Only You by Schel Reaux - "I am blinded, by perfection that is you" and Falling by *NSYNC "I'm falling, falling, girl I'm falling for you". Since blinded falling didn't make much sense, it became blindly falling.

The fanlistings that were moved to this domain were previously hosted on,,,,, and I'd like to thank all of them for hosting my fanlistings.