Please read ALL the rules even if you don't have a site.

1. Must be a fan of Chris. (ya know, duh). He doesn't have to be your favorite, but you have to be a fan.

2. Please submit your first name or at least a realistic name. Please don't submit something like "Chrisgf" or "ChrisNo1GrL" or along that nature.

A site is not required but if you do have a site:

3. Must have the code up before I check and must keep it up at all times. Link it to and not anywhere else. Please. If I do not see a code, you will still be listed but your site will not be listed.

4. No anti, hate, or porn content. At all. This includes bashing other groups/artists to no end (artists like BSB or O-Town or Britney). There is also no need to bash his girlfriends (past or present) or any other members of *NSYNC or his friends. I don't care if you don't like them, but there's no need to bash them. You will still be listed but your site will not.

5. Either way, if you are changing your info, such as an email change or a site address change, please fill out the change of info form (located in the join section). DO NOT fill out another join form.

That's it! Now go join!