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Pressure Cooker
Song: Nice Guys Finish Last
Artist: Green Day
Opened: April 20, 2003
Was originally given away, but has since become a dead link. No idea what happened to it.
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Song: Temptation Waits
Artist: Garbage
Opened: October 12, 2003
No one ever joined it and I had pretty much lost interest in it. It also became a dead link for some unknown reason, so I thought it was just best to close it.
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Joey Fans
Type: Singer
Who: Joey Fatone, Jr.
Opened: July 4, 2002
Certainly did not lose interest in Joey. I just more or less got tired of updating it. It was hosted on a server that didn't accept the PHP database and I was too lazy to find a new host and so I closed it. Who knows, maybe I'll bring it back one day and start fresh.
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Why Should I?
Song: Can't Stop Loving You
Artist: Phil Collins
Opened: February 2, 2006
Final Member Count: 14
Love this song so much but no one ever joined and it just became a bore to run so I decided to close it.
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Where I Belong
Song: Home
Artist: Daughtry
Opened: December 17, 2006
Final Member Count: 40
I like the song but not as much as I used to and no one offered to adopt it after two attemps so I closed it.
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So Many Intentions
Song: Here and Now
Artist: *NSYNC
Opened: February 22, 2003
Final Member Count: 129
Hated to let go of this as I do still love the song and I do still love *NSYNC just, no one ever joined anymore. It'd be 2-3 months before someone would join and then it would just be a spam bot. Wasn't worth the effort anymore
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Fuzzy Friends
Type: Physical Appereance
What: Mustaches
Opened: April 17, 2005
Final Member Count: 26
I still like them but no one had joined in a long time so I decided to close it.
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One Way or Another
Arist/Group: Sureshot
Opened: September 19, 2007
Final Member Count: 48
This was a spur of the moment type thing. I knew the group wouldn't last (and sure enough, they didn't) but I wanted to show my support at the time so I did. It had run it's course and it was time to close it.
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